Frequently Asked Questions

Researching Property

How do I perform my own due diligence on a property?

Start with calling the county appraisal office or county clerk's office in order to verify the property information such as size, legal description, ownership information, location, and annual tax amount.

Why is the property not in Bare Acres' name?

We buy and sell property continuously. Sometimes, the county website has not updated their information in real time to reflect the fact that we now own this property. We will be happy to provide you a copy of our signed deed, with document number, page, and volume number that you can then confirm with the county. We will never market a property that we do not own outright unless we explicitly state otherwise in the listing. Please note, all parcels will be under our parent company's name, 2D Homes, LLC.

How do I enter coordinates into Google Maps?

Most parcels we sell do not have an actual street address. Instead, we provide you with GPS coordinates that correlate to the exact center of the property. We also provide the coordinates for the outline of our properties. To enter this information into Google Maps, do the following: 1) Copy the coordinates from our listing in this format: 29.814456, -103.563987 2) Paste the coordinates exactly like that into Google Maps 3) Click "Directions" and enter where you are coming from in order to get directions from your location


Is this a scam?

We realize that buying anything off the internet these days requires a certain level of trust. Here at Bare Acres, we do everything in our power to make you feel at ease with your purchase. You'll have ample time to research your property of interest, visit the property, call the county, and even research us in order to verify the information we are providing. Of course, we are here to provide you all the answers we can to help you in achieving your dream of land ownership. Feel free to call us anytime at 682-302-5315.

Are you a realtor or brokerage?

No, none of us at Bare Acres are real estate agents, Realtors, or brokers. We are simply real estate investors. This is excellent news for you! Becuase you save money not only in closing costs but also in the purchase price of the property since without realtors involved, we can offer the property to you at the most affordable price you'll find.

Where are you located?

We are located in Irving, Texas, inbetween Dallas and Fort Worth. View our contact information and address information HERE.

Do you offer owner financing?

Yes, we do offer owner financing.

Purchasing Property

How can I make payment? Which payments to do you accept?

It depends on the property itself, the value, the state, and county. However, in most instances, we will close in either one of two ways: online payment or at a title company. We accept online payments from all major credit cards, e-check, ACH deposit/transfer, and certified checks.

When will I receive the deed?

Once you have signed the purchase agreement and paid in full for the property, we sign and notoraize the deed, then send it into the appropriate county for recording. Once recorded, the county clerk will mail your recorded deed to the address you provide us.


What down payment do you require?

If you are financing with us, we typically require 20% of the purchase price as a down payment.

Do you offer owner financing?

Yes, we do offer owner financing.

What are your requirements for financing?

We do not require applicants to meet any criteria, other than the down payment amount. We do not perform any background or credit checks.

When will I recieve my deed?

You are the owner of the property, however, the deed will not be signed over to you until the all payments and requirements of the land contract for deed are satisfied. At that point in time, we will sign, notarize the deed, and send it in to the county for recording. They county will the recorded deed to the address you provide us.

What is a Land Contract for Deed

According to, "A contract for deed is a contract in which the buyer pays for land by making monthly payments for a period. The buyer does not usually receive a deed to the land until all payments are made according to the contract."

Is my Contract for Deed recorded with the county?

Yes, and it is recommended that we do so. According to, "A new Texas law says that if a contract for deed is recorded (filed) in the deed records of the county where the property is located, it is treated the same as deed with a vendor’s lien. By recording the contract for deed, you can protect your equity in the property." But no need to worry, we take care of all this for you :)

What are other financing options?

We constantly refer customers to They are a division of Sun Trust Bank that offers unsecured loans at a rate of 3.09% - 14.24%, based on your creditworthiness. You can loan anywhere from $10,000 - $25,000.